55 Pa Code Chapter 3270 Agreement

The provisions of this Chapter 3270 were adopted on April 3, 1992 with effect on April 4, 1992, 22 Pa.B. 1651, unless otherwise stated. Daycares that meet the requirements of this chapter receive a certificate of compliance. When child care services are operated before or after the head start program, the portion of the extended day corresponding to the definitions of this chapter is issued by a certificate of compliance. b) A corporation or a legal representative participates in orientation training offered by the Department in the 12 months prior to the daycare. The orientation does not apply to the minimum of 6 hours of child care training provided by Section 3270.31 (e) (with regard to age and training). b) Protective doors are permitted when they open easily and are not rejected by building regulations or local regulations. (8) A copy of the original agreement and subsequent written agreements between the parent company and the operator. The parent receives the initial agreement. The provisions of this page 3270.31a were adopted on 3 November 1995, effective 4 November 1995, 25 Pa.B. 4708; May 23, 2008, effective September 22, 2008, 38 Pa.B. The previous text appears on the series page (257430). This section quotes in 55 Pa.

Code 3270.11 (with respect to the application and issuance of a certificate of compliance); 55 Pa. Code 3270.36 (with respect to the qualifications and responsibilities of group assistants); 55 Pa. Code 3270.37 (regarding the qualifications and responsibilities of auxiliaries); 55 Pa. Code 3270.115 (related to water activity); and 55 Pa. Code 3270.241 (with respect to school-age program requirements). (d) An adult who works in an institution and, in addition to this chapter, provides children with social, medical, psychological or psychiatric benefits, must submit an updated health assessment in the institution. An adult or agency employee who provides these services by contract with the child`s parent or institution is not required to submit an updated health assessment at the facility.