Agreement Meaning In Bible

Acts 23:20, and he says: The Jews agree to ask you to bring Paul to the Sanhedrin the next day, to be questioned more precisely. (BBE) What is the concordance between God`s temple and idols? 2Kor 6 Genesis 34:23D will not their beasts, their possessions, and all their animals belong to us? So let`s make an agreement with them so that they can continue to live with us. (BBE) Genesis 21:32And they made an agreement at Beersheba, and Abimelelec and Ficol, head of his army, returned to the land of the Philistine. (BBE) Romans 16:25Eth to him who, in accordance with the good news I have given you and the proclamation of Jesus Christ, can make you strong, in the light of the revelation of this mystery preserved by eternal times, treated (BBE) (3 events). 8. (vi) to enter into an agreement; the alliance; approve; negotiate; as a postage contract. 9. (a) contracted; as, a contract. 10.

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