All Wales Agreement Education

We are a provider of choice for the Welsh Government after obtaining a framework agreement from the National Purchasing Service for a management service for the provision of temporary workers, including care teachers. All 22 Welsh communities have taken the framework into account. We were also the proud “Supplier of the Year” winners at the 2015 and 2016 Welsh National Procurement Awards. In June 2016, the Welsh Government set up the Task Force Supply Model to examine future supply options for procurement education in Wales. The group`s terms of reference are displayed here. The task force was made up of representatives from education, local authorities, businesses and trade unions. The task force worked with key stakeholders and forwarded its findings to the cabinet`s Education Minister in December 2016. The task force “Ministersupply Model Taskforce: Report to the Cabinet Secretary for Education” was published in February 2017. The task force has not been able to identify a single existing deployment model that can meet the needs of a rapidly changing Welsh education system. Look at the Welsh government`s response to the report. Our team has been working since 1999 on recruitment and training solutions for the educational community. During this period, our business has evolved to meet the needs of schools and colleges in Wales and England.

If you are concerned that the agencies are not complying with the terms of the framework agreement, please contact the National Purchasing Services on 0300 7900170 or Please share the availability of supply accounts and the network of care teachers with colleagues working in the care field by sending them to our registration page in Wales is the first in the UK to adopt this uniform harmonized approach to trainer recognition and to demonstrate the commitment of HEIW and medical schools to support individuals across the continuum of medical training in Wales. Everyone in education should have a common goal of keeping learners safe. Protecting and promoting the well-being of children is everyone`s responsibility.