Forklift Maintenance Agreement Template

They should also take into account the balance of the service and the costs. While you shouldn`t pay too much for maintenance, you should avoid costly breakdowns and repairs that eat even more in your budget. Finding a cost-effective option is essential – the more contractual options a company offers, the better. Here, at, we offer a quick way to compare serious dealers; they can provide you with service agreement options that meet your needs. A complete maintenance plan covers spare parts and spare parts (which is provided only covers work). Full maintenance also includes the main 1000 and 2000 hour services. This is a very economical option for fleets with medium to high hour applications. Make sure you get the longest life of your forklift at the lowest cost. Cromer offers a service to businesses with a single forklift or entire fleets of forklifts that require multi-year service contracts. If you request forklift repair, we send BestOur forklift technicians can perform repairs to any form of forklift or forklift model. Plan the online forklift service or call a TMH site near you. We are also happy to ask you if a planned or complete maintenance contract is right for you. If you don`t use your forklift a lot (less than 15 hours per week), planned maintenance tends to be a less expensive option.

It is also a good choice for minor operations. If something has a problem, the service team will fix it for you. This planned maintenance is almost always done on site, which means that the service specialist will visit you as planned. That`s why our dealers offer a comprehensive and planned service program. By working with you, they develop a maintenance program that keeps your trucks and business moving. Once you`ve purchased a new or used forklift, the service contract will help keep your truck in a safe operating condition for the rest of its life. Although service contracts are not mandatory, companies can save a lot of training and staff if used properly. Of course, Toyota forklifts are robust, reliable and last 20,000 hours or more, but they need to be serviced regularly. Regular inspections and services will help you catch small problems before they become big, costly problems. A maintenance plan helps you: Planned maintenance, or PM, is a term you will often hear when you buy your elevator. This is a forklift service agreement that provides for ongoing and planned inspections of your equipment to check important things like liquids, fuels and toothed wheel wear.

Our full maintenance customers already have enough to worry about running their business. Forklift downtime should not cripple your business. Toyota Lift`s JIT Full Maintenance Plan is a comprehensive solution that allows us to take care of the service of your forklifts. Let`s do the heavy lifting. Fortunately, with a good maintenance contract, these are not things you should worry about. For those who oversee operations, maintenance contracts provide the transparency you need to plan budgets accurately and predict costs… reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime.