Never too old to learn

Although I grew up with the believe that you’re never to old to learn. I must say that, as your age increases, it does become more difficult to make certain things just that easy, that it becomes comfortable. Do you see more dangers as you become older? Is it that it is more difficult to remember stuff? Maybe it is because you become less and less flexible with the years? I do think (as I already pointed out in earlier columns) that our mind can play develish tricks on us. Maybe its because we become more aware of our surroundings, and with that more aware of our own toughts and minds, more aware of what can and can’t be, and therefore think out our actions before we actually do them. When we are ageing we tend to pay more attention to what other people may or may not think of us. But isn’t it more important what we think of ourselfs and do the stuff that makes us more who we want to be. That makes us more happy then we are already are?

For a couple of years now I try to do those things that normally you might think you should have done or learned in your earlier days. I went on my first snowboard trip when I was around 20. And I just began my journey to become a surfer. Or actually I’d like to call myself a surfer already, altough I’m getting more whipe outs then I can actually ride those waves. And do I feel insecure every now and then? Do I think that other surfers or snowboarders ever think that I maybe don’t belong in their world. Oh yes, but thats my mind playing games again. And I never experienced a better feeling of being alive and feeling free then when I took my chance in doing the things I like to do most. So lose all those fears and thoughts that might hold you back. As you are older, it might become more difficult to learn new skills, but it is definitely not impossible. Feel free and enjoy! The saying is there for a reason. You really are never to old to learn!

Kim Goed