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Changes to employment requirements that were not disclosed prior to arrival at the workplace during this semester. Look for information sessions as a resident assistant for the spring semester of 2020. Resident Assistants: Abilgail Kilgore, Bancroft 1st Floor Blake Cosey, Roy 1st Floor Austin Parks, Voorhies 1st Floor Joshua Haynes, Callias 1st Floor Madeleine Bourgeois, Denbo Floor Dillon Smithson, McCullough 1st Floor Amber Boutte, Acadian 1st Floor Dalton LaRoux, Thibodeaux 1st Floor RA application for fall 2021 can be submitted from November 19, 2020 to January 13, 2021. An amazing school; The work as an RA gave me the opportunity to positively influence many students and the compensation was worth it. It`s a very relaxing job. flexible. Resident assistants are available to listen to their student neighbors or reach out a helping hand. Contact them if you experience recurring problems such as complications with roommates or persistent maintenance problems, or if you need a question when planning your classes. Take the time to meet with your resident assistant. You are there to help and you are at a distance from a call. Phone: 337-281-3338 | After the office closed, Resident Assistants: Brandi Cole, 1st Floor Amaya Bachemin, 2nd Floor Erin Sellers, 2nd Floor Sarayi Jones, 2nd Floor Dakoda Brumfield, 3rd Floor Yusef Davis, 3rd Floor Aaron Hotard, 3rd Floor Elizabeth Levy-Folgar, 4th Floor Audrey Teixeira, 4th Floor Eliza Eligio, Community Director, 1st Floor Michael Kemp, Assistant Community Director, 1st Floor Residents: Thomas Holly , 2nd Floor Samai , 2nd floor Derrick Tate, 2nd floor Vanessa Barrios, 3rd floor Madison Oliver, 3rd floor Madison Breaux, 3rd floor Gracie Walker, 4th floor Vonronkay Peters, 4th floor Clare Chong, 4th floor. | Baker Bonin| Agnes Edwards | | Coronna | Harris | Huger Legacy Park takes time.

They make their employees feel very interchangeable. The university can be a difficult transition for residents at all levels, and RAas should be role models and supporters of different campus resources. Their role as RA is to get to know the people in your community on a personal level, provide them with resources and support, and get excited about their success. Don`t miss this experience to serve others and take care of them, complete their CVs, have fun and experience something that is more than your average job! Office: 337-482-1438 | Monday – Thursday – 8 . . | . Friday – 8 – 12pm Vickie Jacquet, Community Director, Trahan 1st Floor Alex Jeansonne, Assistant Community Director, Caffery 1st Floor Daniela Rodriguez, Graduate Assistant, Cajun Village Resident Assistants: Jayven Brown, 1. Floor Bailey Guidry, 2nd Floor Cierra Johson, 2nd Floor Sara Procell, 2nd Floor Emily Sirera, 3rd Floor Payton Williams, 4th Floor Kevin Schexnayder, 4th Floor Tyler Holmes, 4th Floor Vacant Floor , Community Director, 1st Floor Brett Hill, Assistant Community Director, 1st Floor Angel Badewole, Living Learning Community Graduate Assistant, 1st Floor See the description of the RA position below or talk to your employees in the lobby to learn more about the position.