Rocky Bay Industrial Agreement

As part of our ongoing commitment to the people at Rocky Bay, we have a number of great staff benefits, including, but not limited to: Jane Edmond, Managing Director Supported Accommodation, explains, “We have a great team of well-trained people. They love what they do, and it really shines with people. Flexibility at work has given me great opportunities – Kathy`s story Rocky Bay`s values are reflected in the way we work – a strong focus on job satisfaction for all employees and a strong commitment to providing the best possible service to our community. It is a simple philosophy, but one that serves us well. The Rocky Bay Employee Survey measures our performance as a preferred employer. The results of the surveys conducted in 2012 and 2014 allowed us to surpass other disability services and all sectoral markets in actions such as staff passion and confidence in organizational progress. For more information, please contact the HR team: To view current job openings and apply, please visit our job offers We are proud of the excellent services we create, the opportunities we create and the success we have in optimizing the quality of life of people with disabilities. These achievements are achieved thanks to the remarkable work, commitment and passion of our employees; They are the heart and soul of our organization and are on the front line in everything we do. Employees demonstrate a strong commitment to Rocky Bay`s purpose and values (96%), they love what they do (90%), are proud to tell others they work for Rocky Bay (93%), and feel a sense of personal performance (92%). The culture of Rocky Bay is the foundation of our values. These describe how all Employees of Rocky Bay should behave….