Section 38 Agreement Suffolk

Copy Section 38 Agreements and Obligations – Please contact: if you a copy To request the section 38 agreement, please download the full S38 licence application form (Word, 58KB – Updated 05/28/2020). Fill out the form electronically to make sure your application is as clear as possible and send it as a Word document (an electronic signature is acceptable). Please also provide supporting documents and plans electronically, if necessary due to file size, either zipped or with a cloud link, z.B Dropbox. On 1 April 2013, all motorway functions previously implemented by Ipswich Borough Council as part of an agency agreement were returned to Suffolk County Council. That`s why Suffolk County Council is now responsible for answering local research questions. Contact the Suffolk County Council Land Charges team on 01473 264190 or e-mail S38 complete – for all works (roads, footpaths and infrastructure, including drainage and public lighting) in a new construction that must be adopted by the motorway authority. All applications must be accompanied by a plan with the property in red with an address or description of the land. WE WILL NOT PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT MOTORWAYS VIA TELEPHONE.

. The application to measure road temperature with non-invasive sensors will provide a local and accurate overview of surface temperature and advise the Council on when crumpled trucks should be used to protect drivers. A3 – Confirm that no part of the property falls into CSC`s possession The county uses 700 smart CIMCON sensors, using both the CIMCON LightingGale Central Management (CMS) and the NearSky 360 Smart City platform for the following applications: COVID-19 Crowd Density Detection for social space management monitoring, air quality monitoring and forecasting, flight-inclination detection and alerts, road temperature measurement, intelligent parking and traffic management. F 3.2 Land to buy Q 3.4 (a,b,c,d,f) Nearby Road SchemesQ 3.5 Nearby Railway SchemesQ 3.6 (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,I “3.7(e ) Traffic SchemesQ 3.7 (e) Outstanding Information – HighwaysQ 3.12 Mandatory Purchase “The Suffolk County Council leadership team clearly understands how new smart city technologies can change and improve cities,” Anil Agrawal said: CEO of CIMCON.