Set sail.. Lets go sailing!

Feel the wind in your hair.. Taste the salty air and learn to sail!

Come sailing with us on the Lyra at IJsselmeer. On the 25th of august we’ll organize an amazing day with sailing classes of Cees Jongens at his boat the Lyra. You can hoist the sails, learn to steer and make your own lines on the water.

We’ll sail to an area with beautiful nature called the Markerwadden. We will have lunch there, you can follow a yoga class and enjoy the meditation on the ship. After that we will continue our sailing and finish the day with a delightful drink.

Do you also want to experience this great sailing adventure?

Special offer for Set Sail

  • A full day of sailing at IJsselmeer (09.30-19.00)

  • Sail tips of the experienced sailor Cees Jongens

  • Expedition to the Markerwadden

  • Yoga class

  • Lunch at the boat

Expedition to the Markerwadden

The Marker Wadden is group of islands, located in the Markermeer. You can only come there by boat and its a piece of paradise with lots of birds and beautiful nature.

We will sail to the Markerwaden and we will have lunch there while we are surrounded by nature. You can also follow a yoga class.

With the creation of the Markerwadden the local government wants to give a boost to the existing nature. There will be a fertile environment in which water plants, fish and birds can flourish.

Sailing boat the Lyra

Cees Jongens sails around the world for twenty years. With the Lyra he made some amazing trips to England and Norway. And when his daugther sailed on top level, he sailed solo to far away destinations like Vancouver, China and Greece. He sailed around the world and he would love to teach his knowledge to his guests.

Together with Cees we teach you to sail on open waters like IJsselmeer en Markermeer.  We will hoist the sails enjoy our time on the water.

Yoga in the Markerwadden. Listen to the calm water, feel the wind on your face and come at peace with yourself. Feel the sun on your face and feel one with nature. Natasha Smit will give a easy yoga class on the grass with which you can relax.

You can let yourself go and enjoy the silence. After the yoga we will finish with a nice meditation and we will continue our sail trip. We will also offer you a delicious lunch. You will experience a great and relaxing day on the water.

Dates Set Sail

  • 22 september