Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement Sa

The notice period must be 21 days or a period corresponding to a single term of the lease (which is longer). The press release must indicate the premises and the date on which the tenant intends to leave. There is no need to state a reason. Even if the tenant does not apply, the lessor cannot claim relocation or advertising costs, although the tenant may be held liable, for example, for three weeks of rental instead of the twenty-one day notice period (Residential Tenancies Act 1995 (SA) ss 86 (1), (2)). While a landlord does not have to agree to allow a tenant to leave, at the same time, a tenant cannot be forced to stay. If the tenant leaves without agreement with the lessor (i.e. abandons the lease), the lessor has the right to recover certain costs. The lessor must, however, mitigate (reduce) the damage caused by the abandonment of the tenant by looking for another tenant for the premises as soon as possible. The tenant`s liability to the lessor for the exercise of the rental agreement applies to the rent until the date of relocation or until the end of the fixed period (depending on what happens earlier) and all or part of the advertising and relocation costs. .

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