Stu Full Time Collective Agreement

Colleagues, the beginning of 2020/21 was marked by exceptional challenges. Indeed, these difficulties have been intensifying since March of last year and are detrimental to our economic, professional and personal well-being. Nevertheless, addressing workplace concerns, which affect our members as a group, as well as the concerns of some faculty members before, during and after the pandemic, has been and remains FAUST`s main motivation. The work we do on your behalf to promote collective and individual well-being in our workplace requires us to encourage interaction with you. And we promise to be your defender, even in this difficult year and beyond. We are currently negotiating a letter of reflection on employment issues during the pandemic, preparing for our next round of negotiations and working on the revision of our Constitution. We will continue to address each of you in various forms: surveys, town halls and newsletters included. Your commitment, as much or as little as you can give, is crucial in these difficult times. Every vote counts – from participation in our meetings to participation in our polls, to participation in the various committees.

So we can be there for each other – we are stronger together. Plan B for part-time employees and workers on a Tier II or Tier III scholarship will be subject to the provisions of the pension plan. (Contact Jason Scarbro Director of Personnel and Faculty Relations, Office: MMH 409, e-mail: Full-time faculty members have a duty to participate in the leadership of the university. As with teaching and research, this service is protected by the principles of academic freedom. Although additional compensation (beyond the terms of the collective agreement) is normally required, no faculty member should feel compelled to perform certain service activities against their will. Please contact us if you feel that you are being unfairly pressured to take over the service. Part-time faculty members are generally NOT expected to participate in university leadership.