Suit For Specific Performance Of Agreement To Sell Format

Rating: 9 The remedy is evaluated for purposes of jurisdiction and law of the court with note 30000 / – Below you will find the format of the remedy for the specific performance of a contract: Recourse for the specific execution of a contract for the sale of residential land You can combine the help of lawyers in India to write a legal action for the specific performance of a contract. (8) The plea alleging the present action was first brought on 10.10.2009, when the respondent refused to transfer the property in question in accordance with the terms of the agreement and therefore the appeal brought today is within the time limit. (2) The defendant is a real estate agent whose registered office is located at . (7) The plaintiff is willing to pay the balance of Rs 30,000/ – but the defendant is not willing to transfer the land in question. (5) The defendant accepted a payment of 10,000/- by cheque no. .