surfles in Scheveningen

Come surfing with us in Scheveningen and learn this wonderful board sport! Enjoy the sand under your feet, the salty seawater and the sun in your face. Have lots of fun in our surf classes.

With Tasha’s Surfcamp we will learn you the basics of surfing. We have a good course plan and we will learn you surfing one by one. With small groups, a lot of personal attention and a lot of fun, you will learn surfing in no time. Surf’s up!

Join a surf class or book a private surf course.

With our small classes, lots of fun and a good surf teacher we will really learn you surfing.

With this surf class of 1,5 hour you will get a good basis in surfing. You will learn to handle the ocean and learn to pop up on your board!

Take a private surf class.

You will get a one to one class and you will get the right tips that are right for you.

For 45 euro’s you will improve your surf in Scheveningen.


  • Beginners surf class
  • Surf class level 2
  • Private surf class
  • Surf camp Scheveningen
  • 30 euro
  • 30 euro
  • 45 euro
  • 70 euro