Surfsafari Portugal

Come to our surfcamp in Portugal! From 14-21 october 2023 we are going surfing on the good waves of Baleal, Peniche in Portugal. With the boards on the roof we are going roadtripping along the Portugese coast. With the help of surfguru Natasha Smit you will find the most beautiful waves of Portugal and learn to surf!

Don’t hesitate and book your surf holiday for only 600 euro’s! Just below you can do a payment and reserve your spot in the surfcamp in Portugal.

Special offer for Portugal

  • Seven nights in our surfhouse in Peniche

  • Surfsafari along the Portugese coast with a surfguide!

  • Surfclasses

  • Surftheory

  • Yoga classes

  • Excluding food/ petrol (we share those costs)

For 120 euro’s extra you can rent a board + wetsuit for the whole week

Surfhouse in Peniche

With Tasha’s Surfcamp we will stay in a cosy surfhouse, that’s right next to the beach.  You will sleep with two – four people in a room and we will share the living room, kitchen and two bathrooms as a group. In the living room there is a chill loungespot, where you can watch a movie, read a book and have dinner. The appartement is on walking distance of the centre of Baleal, Peniche a so it’s easy to get a coffee or a glass of wine in a local bar.

A free, flexible adventure

At this surfcamp in Peniche you can do a lot and nothing is obliged. The structure is free and flexible. Every night we will decide where we are going to surf the next day. At Baleal, Almgareira or another surfspot in the region of Peniche.

We are going roadtripping! We will go surfing on different surfspots around the Portugese coastline! Go surfing in the morning or do a sunset session in the evening. It’s all possible. We will look for the best waves and drive to different surf spots. Your surfguide Natasha Smit knows exactly where to be with the right wind and waves.

Learn to surf

We will teach you to surf! Also if you are a beginner you can join this surfcamp and learn to surf. You ll get surf classes and we will teach you the basics of surfing.

Dates Surfsafari Portugal

  • 14 - 21 october 2023