Learn to surf in Scheveningen with Tasha’s Surfcamp!

Freedom, fun and adventure. That’s where its all about! Take a surf class and ride the waves on the ocean. You can learn this boardsport too.. Scheveningen, Portugal and Morocoo. Here we come!

Learn to surf in Scheveningen and enjoy the beach, the sun and the sea. With the good surf classes of Tasha’s Surfcamp you ll quickly learn how to surf.

Your progression, passion and fun are our priority. Because of our small groups and good vibe you will quickly full at home in the ocean. With the good course plan of our surfschool in The Hague you will transform from a beginner into a an experienced surf dude. You will really learn how to surf.

Follow our beginner surf class in Scheveningen and learn the basis of surfing. Improve your technics and have more fun while you surf. In a short time you will surf the amazing waves in the North Sea.

Join our surfsafari in Portugal. During this surfing holiday in Ericeira we are looking for adventure! We re going roadtripping along the Portugese coastline and surfing several different surfspots. Surf’s up!!

Join our surf camp in Portugal and learn to surf in Ericeira. We are going roadtripping along the Portugese coast to find the good waves. We will surf at different surf spots and give you surf classes. It will be an awesome ride that you don’t want to miss.

Dreaming of Indonesia

For a long time I already thought about going to Indonesia. And not to Bali where everyone goes to, but to the other islands in the region. The Mentawai, Sumatra and Java. I booked my flight to Jakarta already a while ago, but my whole trip was still a bit of blur. There are so […]

surfles in scheveningen

Learn to surf in Scheveningen. With this surf class you will learn this fun board sport in no time. With the right advise and a good teacher you will quickly stand on your surfboard. Costs: 30 euro’s for 1,5 hour.

surflessen in scheveningen

Follow level 2 of Tasha’s surfcamp. With the surf class in Scheveningen you will get advice about your technic, your pop-up and your wave-selection. You will improve your surfing and have more fun. Costs: 30 euro’s for 1,5 hour.

Book a private surf class. You get a one to one class and you will get the right tips that are meant for you. For 45 euro’s you will improve your surfing in Scheveningen.

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