What Is Oracle Master Agreement

It is customary for software publishers to incorporate different licensing rules and guidelines by reference to regulate the use of publishers` software products. Microsoft`s volume licensing agreements (p.B. MPSA or Enterprise Agreements) include, for example, product terms, online service conditions, and the service level agreement for Microsoft`s online services (among others), which contain a specific reference to these documents, information about document versions for the duration of the agreement, and the URL of websites on which current versions of documents can be found. While Microsoft`s licensing terms can sometimes be somewhat ambiguous or difficult to enforce, the documents included in their reference agreements are comprehensive and serve to reasonably define the respective rights, obligations and expectations of the parties with respect to the use of Microsoft`s products and services. Following the introduction of the Internet, where licenses could be ordered through an online store, Oracle modified the SLSA in Oracle`s licensing and service agreement. Like SLSA, OLSA established the terms and conditions of sale in which Oracle sold its software and/or solutions. The OLSA was a transaction-based agreement that was included in each licensing agreement. The only download information provided by Oracle remains under this agreement. In addition, at the end of the trial phase, it will not send any request for payments or the request for uninstalling. In addition, Oracle does not even stop the service, even if the payment has not been made. This makes the documentation of all software of a company particularly important A licensing agreement may contain standard clauses, but also negotiated clauses by default.

(2) Oracle Technical Support Policies, also available at: oracle.com/contracts Once you purchase a software license, you purchase the right to use a particular software under the terms of the license agreement. If a specific use of the software is not mentioned in your license agreement, you should not assume that you can use the software in this way. You should check with the software publisher at all times if you can provide and/or use the software as you wish (if this is not indicated in the license agreement). The user rights and conditions under which you can use the Software (including its restrictions and restrictions) are defined in your contract and associated documents. It is your duty to read, understand and comply with these conditions at all times, even if they change over time.