Learn to surf with Tasha’s Surfcamp!

Freedom, fun and adventure. That’s where it’s all about!
Take a surf class with our experienced instructors and ride the waves on the ocean.
You can learn this board sport too.
Scheveningen, Portugal and France.
Here we come!

Profi, cosy, personal and I learned a lot in short time. SURF UP!!

– Jorine Janssen

Learn to surf in Scheveningen and enjoy the beach, the sun and the sea. With the good surf classes of Tasha’s Surfcamp you ll quickly learn to surf.

Your progression, passion and fun are our priority. With our small groups and good vibes you will soon feel at home in the ocean.

With the good course plan of our surfschool in The Hague you will change from a beginner into a an experienced surf dude. You will really learn surfing!

Follow our beginner surf class in Scheveningen and learn the basis of surfing. Improve your technics and have more fun while you surf.

Skip that winter depression and learn to play with the cold.

With the workshop ‘Surfing & the Cold’ we let you connect to your innerpower.

Surfing in the winter. How do you handle the cold?

Learn to balance on the waves and connect with nature.

Yoga. Listen to your body. Be in the here and now.

Get inspired by this workshop in the Lourdes church in Scheveningen