Surfsafari France

Join our surfsafari to Biarritz! With the French wines, croissants for breakfast and amazing waves. Thats where the Basque Country is famous for.

You can improve your surfing with the surf classes of Tasha’s Surfcamp. We will teach you surfing and we ‘ll go road tripping along the different surfspots in Anglet and Biarritz.

With the yoga you can relax your body and enjoy the beautiful nature that the Basque coast has to offer.

Special offer for France

  • Seven nights in our surfhouse in Anglet

  • Surf safari along the French coast

  • Surf classes

  • Surf theory

  • Yoga classes

A true surf safari

With Biarritz as our home bases we organize a real surf safari from 7 to 14 september. We ‘ll drive to the different surf spots in France and will surf as much as possible. Our main focus is on surfing.

With our surf classes you can really improve your surfing. We ll work on your technique and teach you a better position on your surfboard. For this week we work together with Timothee Creignou, a French, famous surfer.

Have you never surfed before? No problem. You can still come and we will you teach you the basics of this wonderful boardsport. With our surf program we ll teach you all you need to surf in France.

Besides the surfing we ll have fun together discovering all the French hotspots. We ll drink wine, eat French food and enjoy ourselves with the yoga on the beach,

Stay in our surf house in Anglet

We will stay in our Surf house, a villa that ‘s located in Anglet. Its close t0 the beach Chambre d’Amour. We have a nice living room, a kitchen and a chill area. We will sleep in 2 to 3 persons bed rooms. We ll use this house as our base and from there you can easily go to the beach and the centre of Biarritz.

Dates surf safari France

  • 5 - 12 september