Surfsafari Morocco

Warm, exotic and exciting. That is this surf trip in Morocco! Eat tagine, surf the Moroccan waves and treat yourself on a hammam. We’ll travel along the coast with a small group to visit Agadir, Taghazoute and Imsouane. An experienced surf guide will show you the beautiful surf spots like Banana’s, Mysteries and the ultimate longboard waves in Imsouane. Surf, relax and enjoy the beautiful culture of Morocco.

Don’t hesitate and book your surf holiday for only 600 euro’s! Just below you can do a payment and reserve your spot in the surfcamp in Morocco.

Special offer for Morocco

  • Seven nights in our surfhouse

  • Surfsafari along the Moroccan coast with a surfguide!

  • Surfclasses

  • Surftheory

  • Yoga classes

  • Excluding food (we share those costs)

Extra option: rent a surfboard/ wetsuit for the whole week!

Stay in Imsouane Parc Hotel

During seven days we will stay in the beautiful Imsouane Parc Hotel;a Hotel that has a view over the famous longboard break and is on walking distance of the surf beach (la Cathedrale) . It has Moroccan traditions, but its pretty luxurious. They also serve good food. You”ll love it! :))

Surfing in Morocco; that’s something that you want to experience. Book your surf holiday and escape the winter in warm Ismouane and Taghazoute.

Dates surfcamp Morocco

  • 7-14 january 2023

A free, flexible adventure

Warm, exotic and exciting. That’s this surf camp in Morocco! Eat tagine, surf the Moroccan waves and get spoiled in the hammam. We are going roadtripping along the coast near Agadir, Taghazoute and Imsouane from 19-26 march 2022. Natasha Smit, your experienced guide will show you the beautiful surf spots like Banana’s, Mysteries and the ultimate longboard wave in Ismouane.

Improve your surfing with the surf classes of Tasha’s Surfcamp. Improve your surf skills, when your are surfing in Morocco. Our surf guide Natasha Smit has been to Taghazoute and Imsouane about ten times, so she knows exactly where to be to catch the good waves. To get a better experience we will work together with local surf schools

Join our surf camp! We are going surfing on famous surf spots like Killer Point and Banana’s. Enjoy the harbour, the Moroccan habits and the brownies of the auberge. And enjoy the quietness of Imsouane.

How do you get there?

You can book your own flight! with Ryanair you can get a return flight from Dusseldorf to Agadir and back for only 60 euro’s! Its crazy cheap in march..

We can pick you up from the airport in Agadir, but please communicate with us about your flight times..

What do I need covid-wise?

The government of Morocco asks you to do a PCR test and to be vaccinated. Please respect the rules of the Moroccan government

Can I also go when I have never surfed before?

Yes you can. Tasha’s Surfcamp is an experienced surfschool and we can teach you the basics of surfing. You can learn surfing in Morocco. The waves of Imsouane are very protected and suitable for beginners. 

How warm is it in Morocco in March?

between 20-25 degrees Celcius. You ll need a wetsuit, but its pretty warm!

Is it safe in Imsouane?

Yes, pretty safe! You ll stay in the hotel Parc Imsouane and that’s well secured. Imsouane is a small fishermen’s village and its pretty quiet there. Further you will sleep in 2 persons bedrooms that you ll share with one of our guests.