Surfcamp Lanzarote

Warm, exotic and exciting. That is this surf holiday on Lanzarote! Spanish food, surfing on the waves of the Atlantic ocean and chilling on Famara beach.

With a small group we ll travel van 28 december to 4 january to Lanzarote and there we ll go surfing for a week. We ll celebrate New Years there! In collaboration with the local surf school we ll learn you to surf better and we ll go roadtripping to enjoy the beautiful views of this vulcanic island.

Special offer for Lanzarote

  • Seven nights in our surfhouse on Lanzarote

  • Roadtripping to see Lanzarote

  • Surf classes

  • Surf theory

  • Yoga classes

Your stay in our surf house on Lanzarote

With Tasha’s Surfcamp you will stay in a nice surf house that’s located on walking distance from the beach of Famara. As a group we don’t only have beautiful 2 persons-bedrooms, but also a living room, a bath room and a balcony. Very chill. In the living room there s a loungespot, where you can watch a movie, read book and where we ll have dinner together.

Dates surf safari Lanzarote

  • 28 december - 4 january

Surfing on Lanzarote

Lanzarote is seen as the Hawaii of Europe. It’s part of the Canary islands, that are located in front of the Moroccan coast. During winter time its still warm (20-25 degrees) on this Spanish, vulcanic island and the waves are great there.

With our surfcamp you’ll stay in Famara, a small fishermen’s town, that’s known for the good waves and the fun surf vibe. There is a nice beach break, where beginners can learn to surf and closeby are a few reef breaks, where more experienced surfers can enjoy themselves.

Surfing on la playa de Famara is amazing. From the line-up you have a beautiful view with the impressive mountains on the background.

Improve your surfing with the surf classes of Tasha’s Surfcamp. Learn to surf better, while you are surfing on the fun waves of Lanzarote. Our surf guide Natasha Smi has been to the Canary islands before and she knows exactly where you need to go with which tide, wind and waves. We are working together with the local surfschool, who have even more knowledge about the waves on Lanzarote.