Surfing & the Cold

Feel your innerstrength

Skip that winter depression and learn to play with the cold.

With the workshop ‘Surfing & the Cold’ we let you connect to your innerpower.

Surfing in the winter. How do you handle the cold?

Learn to balance on the waves and connect with nature.

Yoga. Listen to your body. Be in the here and now.

Get inspired by this workshop in Scheveningen


  • Surf class

  • Cold water training

  • Yoga in the Zuiderstrandtheater (Wolfgym)

  • Reading: How do you become 1 with the cold and how can you use your innerpower?

  • A delicious lunch

Embrace the winter and come back to yourself

Due to all modern technologies we have lost our balance between the warmth and the cold. In the winter we curl up in front of the fireplace or we even worse; we suffer from a winter depression.

But we can also learn to embrace the cold. To surf in the North Sea and to experience what the cold does to your body. Let’s not hibernate, but go outside and face the elements.

The balance between strong and soft, yin & yang, between the cold and the warmth. We need that. By surfing in winter or diving in the ocean you connect to nature. You connect to yourself.

If you connect to nature, to yourself and the waves, you will get more in balance. You will feel your innerstrength. With your feet in the sand and by connecting to the earth, you will find your peace. Surfing and nature has a grounding effect. 


  • Cold water training: Become 1 with the cold

    Feel your innerpower, the powers of nature

  • Surfing in wintertime

    How do you protect yourself against the cold?

    Surfing in wintertime

  • Yoga

    Listen to your body, be in the here and now

  • Skip that winterdepression

    Learn to cope with stress

    Skip that winterdepression

Location: Zuiderstrandtheater in Scheveningen (Wolfgym)


  • 20 february 2022

  • 13 march 2022

  • Time: 11:00 - 17:00

  • Location: Houtrustweg 505, 2583 WB, Den Haag

Coach: Natasha Smit

As a surfer you prefer to go to warmer places. But if you live in the Netherlands, you need to learn to deal with the cold. By attending several workshops I learned to appreciate the cold. I see it now as a power of nature. By swimming and surfing in the winter I get connected to my innerpower. It makes me feel alive!

Surfing and yoga is amazing. And its more than just a sport. It also connects me to nature, it keeps me flexible and gives me peace. By surfing you learn to focus. To shut up that money mind and to be in the here and now. Otherwise you will fall of your board!

You also connect to yourself. You ll learn to listen to your own body and react on that. Surfing is the active part and (hatha) yoga is more relaxing. You connect with your feelings and will find some silence in your head.