About Tasha’s Surfcamp

Tasha’s Surfcamp is founded by Natasha Smit, a Dutch surfer from Scheveningen. She has travelled the world, has surfed in many places like New Zealand, Indonesie and France, but she has decided to stay and live in Holland.

Backed by her own foundation she has created her own surfschool Tasha’s Surfcamp, with which she organizes surf classes in Scheveningen and surf holidays to Portugal, Morocco and France.

Tasha’s Surfcamp is about passion. Passion for surfing, for the ocean and for the people that we work with. We love surfing and we love teaching surfing. It’s not about performance, but its about having fun in the ocean. When you have fun, you will improve your surfing for sure. We work with small groups and we want to give personal attention to all of our clients. 


If you have any questions about this surf and travel agency in Scheveningen,

don’t hesitate to get in contact with Natasha Smit by facebook or email: natasha@tashasurfcamp.com

Experience of surf teacher Natasha smit:

  • Teaching surfing for 10 years
  • ISA Level 1 qualified + life guard. Also partly passied ISA Surf coaching Level 2.
  • 18 years of surfing
  • Taugh surfing with surf schools like Hartbeach, Pura Vida (France), Dfrost Morocco
  • Former top waterpolo player
  • speaks fluent in English, Dutch, French and German.