Surfclass in Scheveningen

Come surfing with us in Scheveningen and learn this wonderful board sport! Enjoy the sand under your feet, the salty seawater and the sun in your face. Have lots of fun in our surf classes.

With Tasha’s Surfcamp we will learn you the basics of surfing. We have a good course plan and we will learn you surfing one by one. With small groups, a lot of personal attention and a lot of fun, you will learn surfing in no time. Surf’s up!

Join a surf class or book a private surf course.

Prices surf classes Scheveningen

  • Group surf class of 1,5 hour
  • Private surf class of 1,5 hour
  • Surf camp Scheveningen
  • 35 euro
  • 70 euro
  • 79,95 euro

Location: Strandpaviljoen At the Beach

Strandpaviljoen At The Beach, in Den Haag

Strandslag 8 Den Haag

Directions: drive to the crossing of Savornin Lohman laan/ Laan van Poot, park there and walk 10 minutes through the dunes.

with Public transport:

  • with tram 3 to Laan van meerdervoort stop at Savornin Lohmanplein
  • with bus 24 to Sportlaan stot at Kruisbeklaan  than follow the  Savornin Lohmanlaan to the end

Dates surf classes Scheveningen

  • Every Sunday at 11.00 there s a group surfclass

Surfcamp Scheveningen

Join our surfcamp Scheveningen. With 2 surf classes and a yoga class you will have a wonderful day in Scheveningen. It is the perfect way to learn to surf (better). You ‘ll have fun and improve yourself.

  • 2 surf classes

  • 1 yoga class

  • lunch

  • surf photo’s of yourself