Winter edition

A weekend away to the beautiful island Texel. Away from your daily routine. With your head in the waves you let everything go and come back to your core you.

Surfing in winter. With a good wetsuit you face the ocean. Feel your innerstrength and learn to ride the waves. Become one with nature and learn to embrace the cold.

After this cold adventure we go to our warm and cozy farm. With warm tea, hot chocolate and some time to relax. With some stories about your surfing and more spiritual depth with yoga and meditation

You go out of your head and into your body. Let go of your stress and become more in touch with your feelings. Let’s go back to the real you, the person that you really are.

Are you coming?

Special offer for Texel

  • Two nights sleeping in a farm

  • Surf classes

  • Surftheory

  • Yoga classes

  • Cold water training

  • board and wetsuit rental

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner

  • A delicious BBQ on saturday eve

Embrace the winter and come back to yourself

Due to all modern technologies we have lost our balance between the warmth and the cold. In the winter we curl up in front of the fireplace or we even worse; we suffer from a winter depression.

But we can also learn to embrace the cold. To surf in the North Sea and to experience what the cold does to your body. Let’s not hibernate, but go outside and face the elements.

The balance between strong and soft, yin & yang, between the cold and the warmth. We need that. By surfing in winter or diving in the ocean you connect to nature. You connect to yourself.

If you connect to nature, to yourself and the waves, you will get more in balance. You will feel your innerstrength. With your feet in the sand and by connecting to the earth, you will find your peace. Surfing and nature has a grounding effect. 

Learn to surf in one weekend!

With three surf classes in one weekend you can really improve your surfing. We ll work on your technique and teach you a better position on your surfboard.

Have you never surfed before? No problem. You can still come and we will you teach you the basics of this wonderful boardsport. With our surfprogramm we ll teach you all you need to surf on Texel.

Program Surf & Yoga Retreat Texel – Winter edition

  • Friday
  • 19.00 We meet at the farm, Elba hoeve, in Texel
  • Saturday
  • Surfclass

    Yogaclass, meditation

    Surf theory & movies

  • Sunday
  • Surfclass

    Yoga, meditation

    Cold water training

We stay in a beautiful farm on Texel. The farm is on a quiet spot on Texel, where we can eat, surf and chill. The farm is our base and from there we ll cruise over Texel to go surfing, do yoga and eat. There is also a beautiful garden where we can hang out and do yoga outside.

Texel is easy to reach by car. You can drive to Den Helder and from there you can take the boat to Texel. The boat costs 35 euro’s by car or 2,50 by person. You can come with your own car or you can carpool with other people of the group.

Dates Surf & Yoga Retreat Texel- winter edition

  • 20-22 may 2022

  • 1-3 july

  • 2-4 september

Do I need to bring my own sleepingbag?

Yes you do. You can buy it very cheap at Decathlon

How do I get to Texel?

You can drive to Den Helder by car or train and take the boat from there to Texel. You can take your car on the boat and that costs 35 euro’s. We will also create a whatsapp group so that you can carpool with the other participants.

Do I need to bring my own surfboard and wetsuit?

You can, but you can also rent a surfboard and wetsuit for the whole weekend for 25 euro’s. 

I have never surfed before. Is this is problem?

No is not. You ll get surf classes and we will teach you surfing. 

How do you deal with the corona situation?

We are very careful and therefor our groups are very small. You will sleep with 2 people max in a bedroom and there will be plenty of space on the big farm that we rent. We take the whole situation seriously and we want to look after you and ourself. If you are feeling sick, please let us know and postpone your participation.